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Are you looking for a change?

You are a company founder, a CXO, or a manager. You have experience and you reached a significant position. 

Yet, something is not right, you are asking yourself questions: You like what you do, but not the way you work or the people you have to work with. You feel prevented in your aspirations. 

You want to grow within your company, to change jobs or projects, perhaps even your profession or career, start a new business or be your own employer. Maybe you have that confused urge for change, but you cannot exactly say what the reason or the goal are.

You are looking for help to decide your future, based on who you really are, and free your energy to act on your decisions in the real life.

I am your personal advisor, your trusted partner to manage your career development.

Together, let’s build your personal strategy for professional change, and develop your own path of action.

Services: Tailor-made support for you

My approach

We develop joint dynamics where I help you reach the goals that we identified together. Our first exploratory meeting allows me to understand your curent situation and expectations. Together, we decide the type of help or support you need and I will provide.

My approach is highly flexible and depends on your current situation and needs. However, we often deal with the following aspects. 

Clarify your situation and needs

Take a step back from your current situation.
Understand what works and what doesn’t.
Express your own aspirations and goals.

Define your own “strategic vision”

Take stock to develop your own personal project.
Continue in a paid job?
Start your own business or become self-employed?
Offer your experience as an entrepreneur to a company?
Set up a direction and do the first steps.

Grow on the job

Understand the challenges of an organization and the role you can play in it.
Build the right relationships and alliances.
Fully invest yourself with your teams.
Get help and regular feedback from me.

Start as an entrepreneur

Define THAT project that is meaningful to you.
Get the right connects and the right advice.
Understand financial, personal, and technical risks.
Start at the right time.

Perform your own marketing

We work to achieve your objectives by carrying out your own “operational marketing”.
Be better recognized and build efficient relationships & alliances within your organization. 
Find the right partners to start a business.

Implement a job-search campaign

We work to build a strategy for a new career plan or implement a job search campaign: Learn to use job search tools , build your own communication tools, learn how top take control of the interview process,  benefit from my own global professional network, etc.

How it Works

Depending on your needs, we can work in different manners:

  • Face-to-face or videoconference work sessions
  • On-the-job support for yourself and/or  your team
  • Assistance in finding a new job, through a pre-decided program and a series of modules.

Depending on each client, I also carry out personality tests such as MBTI or TMS with the help of certified practitioners. The results make it possible to evaluate real personal aspirations, far from any predefined path.

More than a consultant,
More than just a coach

Francois Montrelay
Personal Career Advisor

I have that strong business and corporate experience to understand your situation.  I also left a big paid job in a global company fifteen years ago to start a successful business. That way, I can put myself in the shoes of the persons I advise.

I am a passionately open to the world and I spent my entire professional life travelling, meeting people and developing business activities.

I have been part of the management teams of international groups such as Louis Berger Inc. (USA),  Accor (France), ABN Amro Bank (Netherlands), and Tagsys (France).

For the last 15 years, I have helped CXOs, founders and shareholders of fast-growing companies internationally. I advise them in their strategic development and financial management.

For the past 2 years, I have been teaching Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions in international Master’s degree at Business School of Burgundy.

I have an Engineering Degree (MSc) in Agriculture Engineering and a degree in Corporate Finance from HEC (France). I also learnt Coaching from Vincent Lenhardt’s teams, and Organizational Leadership at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Last, I am a Certified Independent Director from Board Evaluation Ltd, U.K.

“When you decide to be in tune with yourself, to act in accordance with your aspirations, you release your energy. Your teams are more efficient and share the corporate culture more effectively. This is how your success increases.”


What MY clients say

D.M.Group Head of Business Development, €2bn Services Group, Amsterdam
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"Francois helps me make the right career choices based on what I really am and what I feel, not on what may 'look right'. Benefiting from his real business experience, I can make decisions that have immediate impact, allowing me to stay true to myself and to focus on a long-term strategic dimension. Thanks to Francois for providing exposure to his vast network of relationships. This way, I can make informed decisions and take advantage from others' experiences."
S.V. Digital Strategist, Global IT player, London, U-K.
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"Francois has been helping me to manage my career for more than a year. He understands my aspirations better than anyone. His guidance helps me realize that I have what it takes to be successful and I can believe in myself and strive for it rather than accept what comes my way. His advice on building my network, clarifying my career pursuits and in presenting myself before interviewers, have gone a long way in making me a confident professional. His mentorship is rare and you are bound to feel more confident about your career choices after having a few conversations with him. I look up to him and hope that he will continue to be my mentor throughout, and I hope more people can benefit from his guidance and expertise."
C.V.Strategy Consultant in a boutique firm, Paris, France.
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"Thanks to Francois for helping me to land my first job! Benefiting from the help of a professional who comes from the business is a big plus compared to the traditional help that you get in Business Schools. He helped me to find out what I was really looking for and to develop a credible pitch. I learnt how to find the words that have an impact on recruiters. I gained confidence because he made sure I was always credible. On a practical level, François helped me to build my communication materials (letters, CVs...) while leaving me the freedom required to remain personal. By carrying out interview simulations that put me in difficulty, I was able to prepare myself for the real interviews. It is rare to find people in our direct environment who are able to play this role. All the preparation and the various exchanges that we had were always carried out with kindness and with the objective of helping me to find the best possible job."
O.F. Fiancial Manager, France.
O.F. Fiancial Manager, France.@username
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François Montrelay is my personal coach. He took the time to get to know me both on my work and personally. We worked on various practical cases and role plays, to reveal my inner drivers. He shows great rigour and lucidity in our exercises while giving me the benefit of his rich experience and general knowledge. Working with Francois, I have been able to better understand my strengths and to position myself better on a professional level.

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