Do you deserve your salary?

Story of a tired general.

“I don’t deserve my salary”: that’s how one of my clients, let’s call him William, a member of the management team of a global group, begins his first conversation with me. He’s thinking of making a change, but feels stuck, unable to project himself into the future.
In fact, William exceeds all his targets and more than deserves his salary. But his Chairman keeps raising targets, and William gets worn out. In the end, he no longer believes in his own worth and sees himself as nothing more than a ” transmission belt “. What he really wants is to use his creativity and be a strategic manager.
William performs where he doesn’t want to be. To himself, he’s a traitor; to his Chairman, he’s a loyal general. Loyal, but tired, divided and depressed. He’s under constant strain to fulfill the role he’s been assigned. He burns up a colossal amount of energy, and this reflects back on him with a bitter taste.
A little music plays. It sings that “things are going badly”, that he’s “responsible”, that he’s “not that good”, that he’s “giving the impression”, but that he’ll “soon be uncovered.”
This creates a negative spiral: held back by the image he thinks he has to project, he struggles to see what he wants for himself. Those around him are all the more unable to help him as he hides what he regards as a failure or weakness on his part. This leads to a feeling of loneliness and sadness, and a tendency to forget himself…
A boost of vitamins is required. William’s first priority is to rebuild a consistent, positive self-image.
In practice, this is quite easy. All it takes is one or two sessions to get things right and get back on track. His energy increases, he opens up to new options. An extraordinary journey can start, based on the exercising of free choice. Since then, he has taken on new responsibilities in a very different industry.

👉 Encouraging and managing change within the company is an everyday business for you as a business leader. But when you’re faced with a change that affects you personally, things can be more complicated. The image you develop of yourself, the energy you feel to work, the way you feel you radiate for others, are excellent measures.
👉 Listen to yourself. Think of your merit in your own eyes, not in the eyes of others. From there, you’ll make the best decisions for yourself…