What future for CMOs?

👉 What do Kristin Lemkau, Jean-Paul Agon, Guillaume Couzy and I have in common?
We’re all former CMOs!

– Kristin Lemkau, former CMO of JP Morgan Chase, is CEO of JP Morgan Wealth.
– Jean-Paul Agon, former CMO of LancĂ´me is now President of L’OrĂ©al
– Guillaume Couzy, CMO of Peugeot, became CEO of Stellantis France and then Partner at Red Pill.
– As for me, a former CMO at ABN Amro and then at Tagsys, I am a strategy-finance consultant and personal advisor to senior executives.

👉 Thinking about the company beyond your function, knowing how to integrate each of its components in the service of the customer, navigating the digital universe and building winning strategies in complex markets – these are the CMO’s assets in a constantly changing world.

👉 And what kind of CMO are you?
👉 How would you like to grow?

In today’s digital landscape, a company’s success depends directly on the strength of its marketing and CMO. Customer access and knowledge are major strategic assets for any company.
Successful CMOs are the strategic link between the Board, the management team, and the customer. They have the status and power to guide the company’s strategic vision, integrating a myriad of functions.
As technology, the power of retailers and the maturity of customers intensify competition, their ability to understand customer needs, build brands and implement digital operations adds great value.
They know how to strike a balance between creative strategy and execution: designing compelling campaigns and rigorously monitoring their impact.
When they know how to speak the shareholders’ language, CMOs help decide which markets and segments to target, which entry mode and strategy to adopt, and which partners to ally with.

👉 Do they speak your Board’s language?

They help create a customer-centric organization where every corporate function and every employee is a customer advocate.

👉 What influence do you have on your company’s organization?

👉 What could be more natural, then, than for the CMO to be a natural contender for a wide variety of roles, such as:
– A larger marketing department
– Sales and marketing management
– General or business unit management.
– Changing functions or sectors, such as becoming a consultant.
– Teaching or researching marketing.
– Go into entrepreneurship.

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Francois Montrelay